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Through my work I use imaginary worlds, concepts, and characters to explore the inward significance of imagery on personal and collective levels.  I create images as metaphors for the human experience, attempting to shed light on the private feelings of divine poignance we experience which are often hidden from public reception.

My work stems from personal experiences and emotions, dreams, and sometimes purely from imagination–it is a telling of my own story.  Through the exploration of my imagination, and inspiration from world cultures, icons, and imagery, I have developed a unique visual language with which I tell this story.  I am constantly indulging in sensory and cultural input which, like fertilizer to a field, is nourishing this visual language, and I am always surprised by what I create.  Each piece is a new frontier.

This exploration of the imagination is an act of devotion to my inner child, for it is my belief that our inner child’s freedom of expression is at the root of our happiness.  By sharing my own childlike wonder, I hope to open my viewership to their own, helping to peel away the years of conditioning which may be keeping them from happiness.