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Born in Brampton, Ontario, on September 24th 1993, Ricky has lived through creative expression since he could walk and talk. With an artist for a father, he was introduced to painting at an early age and dabbled during the early years of his childhood. In high school, after a poignant spiritual experience, he bought paints and canvases of his own and began to paint again, at a deeper, more intimate level than before. A trip to Guatemala for the month of December 2012, where he participated in 7 Sacred Fire Ceremonies at the Mayan ruins throughout the country, changed him as a person and lit a fire within. Upon returning home, he erupted with paintings and, in the years since, has produced over 100 works of art with no signs of slowing down.

Since discovering his passion for painting, Ricky has won multiple awards and sold pieces to collectors in Ontario and Quebec. He is also co-founder of Club Art (, a charity youth arts project whose mandate is to create a safe, inspiring space for youth to experience and exhibit art of all forms. Through his efforts with Club Art, he positively impacts his community and uses art as a tool for healing and transformation, both by providing artistic instruction and support, and by acting as a role model for local youth. Additionally, Ricky takes pride in teaching kids art classes at Maggiolly Art Supplies in Orangeville, since 2014.

In 2015 and 2016, Ricky traveled to Austria to study the Mische Technique with Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Mantra Cora, an early renaissance technique considered to be a sacred treasure, infusing paintings with ‘an inner light’. Since, he has been creating this new body of work for the Triumph of Life, and has joined the Canadian Society for Art of the Imagination, participating in their exhibit in Montreal in October 2015, and in Manhattan, NY, at ONE Art Space, in April 2017.

Ricky’s plans for the future are to never stop making art and striving to be the best that he can be. He will always be in the pursuit of the creation of meaningful images to share with society, and to make a positive impact on his community by sharing the joy of art. To see more work, learn more, or join Ricky’s mailing list for news and updates, visit his website,

4 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. As a habit when anyone likes my website, or one of my photos or blog posts, I tiptoe around their website to see to whom my posts appeal. Yours is by far one of the best. I adore your artwork and now must catch up on your blogs. Count me as a fan. Peace and blessings.

  2. luved ur work, the mix and the slight transition bet such fierce colors is AMAZING !!
    ur paintings speak to me …

  3. C’est grâce à TRAVIS STEDMOND que je fais ta connaissance RICKY SCHAEDE et je me sens très gatée par sa gentillesse et grand honneur de découvrir ” The Artiste ”


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