Artist’s Statement | Visionary Artist Ricky Schaede

My work is an exploration of the imagination, and a celebration of existence and life on Earth.  I am inspired by the natural order and beauty of the physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds, which I am able to share by tapping into the imagination and, using my unique visual language, create striking, meaningful images.  My audience often asks about my ‘spirit forms’, where I create a living body from the mandala. A mandala can be seen as a symbol of the cosmos, from the tiniest atomic levels to the most gargantuan galactic levels. By working extensively with this symbol, I strive to evoke a primal urge of life in my audience, facing them with the incredible beauty of the natural world and, I hope, inspiring them to protect it.

Structured Data, People
Name: Ricky Schaede
Location: Toronto
Region: Canada

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