Artist’s Statement

My work is an exploration of the imagination, and a celebration of the potential of life on Earth and in the universe.  It is my hope to awaken a cosmic perspective in my viewers by exposing them to otherworldly imagery, potent symbols, and fantastical scenarios; to remind them that we are stardust, that the universe holds infinite possibilities.

I paint from a subconscious place of wonder, and from a feeling of reverence for the natural order of the universe.  I am inspired equally by science and fantasy, and strive to create images which inspire viewers to imagine other kinds of life, and other worlds. It is my hope that by exposing viewers to these other worlds, the boundaries of what they believe is possible might expand, and that this might help them realize the fantastic beauty of the ‘mundane’ world around them.

Within each living being is a universe of cells, within each cell is a universe of molecules and atoms, and we ourselves are but a tiny cell inside the greater planetary body.  Our planet, but one in a boundless universe of worlds.  It is this cosmic perspective I hope to awaken in my audience, and through creating art, explore within myself.

Structured Data, People
Name: Ricky Schaede
Location: Toronto
Region: Canada

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