Body Painting


Psychedelic Spiritual Body Paint by Visionary Artist Ricky Schaede Postcard ImageBe transformed into a unique vision with body paint!  Sessions include professional photography services to immortalize your transformation and will take place at the beautiful Maggiolly studio on Broadway in Orangeville, Ontario (or another location if need be).

Ricky will take your inspirations and ideas and bring them to life.  Pictured to the left, pregnant Marisa had her baby bump transformed to affirm her intentions of raising her new daughter Iyla (which means moon) in a loving, magical world, full of imagination.

Book a Body Painting Session!

Half Day (4 Hours) $300 CAD

Full Day (8 Hours) $500 CAD


Ricky uses professional quality, non toxic, water based body paints which feel natural on the skin.  The level of detail in your body painting will be determined by the amount of time you choose for your session, the full day option having greater potential for attention to detail.  Ricky is also available to hire for body painting sessions in other locations, for events, video shoots, and more!  Rates may vary.  All inquiries welcome!

If you have any questions or concerns before booking your body painting session, please use the Contact form below to get in touch!