Fen At Heart Paper Print

Fen at Heart Paper Print

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High quality giclee print on watercolor paper.

'Fen at Heart' by Ricky Schaede.
Acrylics on Canvas, 2018.

* 14" x 11"
* Archival foam core backing
* Plastic Sleeve
* Signed and numbered edition of 20


The unlikely band of heroes who saved the swamp from ruin were not particularly heroic in their appearance.  Come to think of it, They hadn’t saved anything before.  They were not rich in gold or swampland currencies.  They were neither notorious or renowned.  What brought them together was a love for their home, and for one another.  When the humans came to pave over their cherished fen, the band of heroes came together to protect the land they called home.  The frogs, the foxes, the snails and critters, the mushrooms and flowers.  By the virtue of their love, they were able to fend off the foreign invaders and protect their home.  This sacred order of protectors was henceforth known as the fen at heart, and for as long as the fen gave them life and home, they would protect it with all their hearts.