The Triumph of Life ~ Sponsorship Information


Below is information on how you or your business can become a sponsor for my upcoming art show.  If you’d like, you can first read a bit below about the art show and the positive impact I am hoping to make.

Hey guys, it’s Ricky!  It is with great excitement that I am planning my next solo show at Maggiolly Art Supplies, opening on June 1 and on display throughout the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival.  My art exhibit ‘The Triumph of Life’ is a celebration of the glory of life, but also a reminder of its fragility.  My goal is to raise awareness about climate change and pollution in a way that strikes people and makes them think, “what can I do to do my part in honouring the glory of life?”.  To confront them with such beauty that they cannot help but revere the world in which they live, and try to protect it.

In addition to the art exhibition, I am putting together a book to act as a catalogue of the show.  This book, the Triumph of Life, will include pictures of all artworks, their names and info etc., but it will also contain writing to communicate the environmental message of the show.  The artworks fall into such a sequence that they tell the story of life, from the single cell, to humanity’s abuse of the earth, and beyond, to the Triumph of Life, a potential future where humanity live in harmony with the Earth.  I hope that, by showing viewers this potential, positive future, they will no longer feel hopeless about climate change, but instead be inspired to action.  The book will also include links to online resources and information about how people can start to fight climate change and pollution at home, in approachable, inexpensive, and impactful ways.

In order to cover the costs of creating the works of art, framing them, creating and printing the book, using the space, creating printed promotion and paying for advertising / online promotion, paying the musicians to play at the opening and at the venue throughout OBJF, and other expenses, I am asking if local businesses or citizens would like to sponsor my art show!  


Sponsorship Levels

Supporter ~ Contribute anything you’d like between 20$ – 100$ and receive one copy of ‘The Triumph of Life’.  

Planetary Sponsor ~ Contribute 100$ and have your name listed as a sponsor in the book’s sponsor section, and receive two copies of ‘The Triumph of Life’.

Solar Sponsor ~ Contribute 250$ and have your name listed as a sponsor in the book’s sponsor section, your logo printed on the back cover, and receive three copies of ‘The Triumph of Life’.

Galactic Sponsor ~ Contribute 500$ and have your name and logo listed as a sponsor in the book’s sponsor section, your logo printed on the back cover, your logo included on all printed and online promotional material for the show, a gift bag of merchandise from Ricky Schaede and five copies of ‘The Triumph of Life’.  


If you decide that you would like to become a sponsor, please email or fill out the contact form below.  I can accept e-transfer, paypal, or cheque / cash via Euphoria Cafe and Smoothies at 154 Broadway, Orangeville.  

Thank you so much for your time.  I am infinitely grateful for your support, which will enable me to multiply the impact, and magnify the meaning of, The Triumph of Life.


Sponsorship Contact Form